Make the takeoff process manageable with the Graphical Takeoff tool. MyConstruct's interface and responsive calculating tools make the process far faster than traditional estimating.



Create rapid estimates using graphical takeoff tool for Builders and Tradies

Set aside your rulers, calculators and spreadsheets. With MyConstruct's Graphical Takeoff (GTO) tool, it's easier and faster than ever before to develop accurate estimates. Available to Pro tier users, this tool supports plans in both PDF format or common image formats and setting the plan scale is easy. Detailed plans aren't even necessary, take a photo of a rough sketch to plot out an accurate set of measured quantities. All you need is a known measurement to set your scale to produce quantities.

Because MyConstruct's tools are tightly integrated, it's simple to export the takeoff quantities to our estimating tool within the suite. You can use your inventory items or recipes to trace your plans and create accurate quantities. Once done, sending your information to the estimates section is simple and lets you create accurate quotes and send out purchase orders or request quotes for accurately pricing estimates.

Estimating Takeoff Software

One of the best ways to land clients is to act fast and the rapid capabilities of MyConstruct give you an edge on competitors using slower takeoff processes. The information you form is also easy to share with your team, making it easy to get your operations up and running. There's no need to head into to office for paperwork when you use MyConstruct, as every staff member with an internet connected device can quickly load information and send updates. Because MyConstruct's servers are located in Australia, information is fast to load and quick to update making job management a breeze.