Find out how your business can operate more efficiently with MyConstruct's built-in reporting tools.



Full reporting suite for Builders and Tradies

Running a construction business means sorting through reams of information and finding ways to operate more efficiently. MyConstruct's online design let you access its sophisticated reporting tools from anywhere in the world where you have internet access and support for tablets and smartphones means you don't even have to carry a laptop to stay productive while away from the office.

Easy-to-read reporting information lets you catch up on your invoices, estimates and quotes, helping you track your cashflow, profits business goals and jobs. This information is especially helpful in meetings, where you can relay information without having to send out a document beforehand. Online access also ensures everyone is on the same page, there's no need for staff members to call the office when information is updated instantly in MyConstruct.

Construction Reporting Software

For even more convenience, MyConstruct information can be incorporated into accounting packages such as Xero, which makes bookkeeping much simpler and less time-consuming. MyConstruct is an ideal tool for creating a paperless office, which helps you cut back on overhead and spend more time on the job and landing clients. MyConstruct also makes it easier to train employees and get the up to speed. Similar functionality throughout MyConstruct's tools makes it intuitive after a bit of practice and replacing multiple programs with MyConstruct simplifies your software suite.

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