Construction Quoting Software


The best things in life are free right? So why not try our free software! With MyConstruct, you can create quotes and invoices in less than sixty seconds.



Free software for Builders and Tradies

The free edition of MyConstruct is designed for users who are low volume or students, a quick and simple way to whip up a professional quote on-site without having to make a spreadsheet or head back to the office.

What's the catch? Well there are a few limitations though you still enjoy the same features as our LITE plan, just less allowances.

MyConstruct FREE gives you the following allowances each month:

  • 2 Jobs.
  • 20 MB Storage (total).
  • 1 Business template.

You'll have access to the Quoting, Invoicing, Job Management and Address Book features.

Gone are the days of making different documents, spreadsheets and those terrible carbon paper books just to create a quote - thanks to MyConstruct's quoting tool! MyConstruct works with all devices, simply pull out your phone or tablet to generate quotes without leaving the job site. Tweak quotes as much as you need, MyConstruct uses the same data as browsing the web so you're not going to use all your data.

Create proffesional quotes in next to no time! MyConstruct generates and emails quotes and invoices that will impress your clients. Easy to read layout and business logo to show clients your commitment to excellence and speed. Email quotes directly to clients as PDF without leaving the app. Once a client accepts your quote, generating invoices is simple with options for part payments and split invoicing.

Builders Quoting Software

Since MyConstruct is an online platform, your whole team can access information with a few clicks, making quotes easy to locate to help win jobs. MyConstruct also connects to accounting software such as Xero, which saves you from having to double enter and makes it easy to track costs.